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DI started photography about three years ago. my passion for photos was never really a thing. I never knew that I would get into taking photos because of a drone. Growing up I’ve played with remote control cars, always learning new things on how to use them and what they were capable of doing. A few years after driving remote control cars I then got into flying remote controlled helicopters because at that time my goal was to be able to ride in one, and still do this day I have yet to do so, so it’s still on my bucket list!

What started my soon to be career was purchasing a remote control drone with built in camera and with it being my first drone, the pictures seemed so good when in reality they were bad! After doing a little bit of research I found my first professional drone which was the DJI phantom 3 standard. That was an eye opener, pictures looked so much better than a hand held phone and the best part about it was you could take aerial photos. From then on I knew I had an eye for photos. About a year after flying with that drone it was time I took on a hand held professional camera. I ordered one and started using it right away, it all came natural to me. after that, I had the idea to start up my business, Josh’s Drone Photography.

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