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Brotherhood Oil

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Brotherhood Oil
126 Orvin Lance Drive
Blue Ridge GA 30513

Phone: (706) 946-5823
Email: brotherhoodoil2013@gmail.com

We’re committed to providing you with a quality oil change through excellence service..
Shawn and Lisa Hood established BrotherHood Oil in October 2013. Their goal is to provide you with a quality oil change with Castrol Oil and to give you the knowledge that they are dedicated to you.

The name: BrotherHood is a play on words but it is also much more: In the Bible, it is mentioned twice and refers to the brethren or brothers and sisters in Christ. In Medieval Times, it was the monks in the Catholic and Christian Monasteries referred to as the Brotherhood. This is why you see our logo with a monk holding an oil can. In Churches today, Brotherhood still refers to the thought of a brother or sister in Christ or as Shawn would be called: Brother Hood.


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