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Aska Mining Company

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Aska Mining Company
8346 Aska Road
Blue Ridge, GA 30513
Phone: 706-258-4854
Email: askaminingco@gmail.com

Aska is the newest and best family fun gem mining experience on the Toccoa River in Blue Ridge GA. Our gem mine produces all sorts of precious and semi precious gems such as: rubies, sapphires, citrine, tiger’s eye, amethyst, garnet and emeralds. Gem mining in Blue Ridge GA is enjoyable for all ages.
 We also offer tubing adventures and dining and shopping in our Iron Bridge Cafe and Shop.

Enjoy an exciting day of public gem mining discovering beautiful, and valuable gemstones! Gem mining in GA is rain or shine as our flumes are covered! Scoop rough material onto the screen, rinse with clean water and the gem stones, when wet, will reveal colors and crystal shapes! Refer to the Assay Gemstone Chart to identify your gemstone or ask one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff members. Hunt for treasured gemstones including emerald, aquamarine, moonstones, garnet, citrine, amethyst, ruby, and sapphire. Family Fun for all ages! Give us a call 706-258-4854 to schedule your next gem mining vacations.

Tuesday: 10AM–5PM
Wednesday: 10AM–5PM
Thursday: 10AM–5PM
Friday: 10AM–5PM
Saturday: 10AM–5PM
Sunday: 10AM–5PM
Monday: Closed


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